$olutions... one Mom n' Pop to Another

We are a small, family-operated investment company actively buying Property & Paper, Real Estate & Notes. We often buy and sell property with seller financing. Owner financing gives birth to the note business, so once you "get" notes you can invest, solve problems and make money in ways most people will never understand... you can gracefully enjoy "the dance between property & paper". Unplug from Washington & Wall Street. Learn how to create financial solutions, just one Mom n' Pop to another. Please be sure to tap into our free monthly mastermind: VIRTUAL COFFEE Q&A. This is the place to get your questions answered. ALLOW PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to be invited each month.

(FULL VERSION MASTERMIND) Owner Financing and Notes for Massive Cash Flow in a Mobile Home Park

LET’S DO THE MATH! "Buy & Hold" duplex investment, $60K under market value!!!

LET’S DO THE MATH! Member deal review on a Single-Wide Mobile Home Note

5 min overview of how notes fit into the real estate and mortgage market

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If you have a one-off transaction or concept you need help with, this is the way to go. Otherwise, consider becoming a Citizen of the Realm.
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Power Strategy Session $250
On Retainer for your Transaction $1,495
Citizen Discount $747.50